Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Lutheran Eavesdropping On Calvinists Doing Theology

With apologies to all my friends and readers in the greater Reformed tradition...after reading this , all I've got to say is: My head hurts.


angela said...

You are right. Gobbledegook. That's a noun. Has nothing to do Thanksgiving though.

Glad I'm with a parent church where the one confessional document is the only one. Ha ha. Maybe I'm not quite the intellectual I thought I was after all.

Keep your head up! Blessings,

Auntie Knickers said...

Well, I come from Calvinists (and Zwingli-ists) although the UCC isn't exactly Calvinist any more. And it made my head hurt after the title, let alone the first paragraph -- I couldn't get much farther. RevGalBlogPals make a lot more sense!
(Verification word: holeudle -- sounds like yodeling!)

LutheranChik said...

Reading it gave me flashbacks to my college days, when the parachurch organizations on my particular campus (MSU) were heavily loaded with folks from the western Michigan Christian Reformed milieu. "Is it d sin if I record a record album on a cassette even if I don't sell it? Because it's still an unauthorized recording..." "Is aerobics dancing?..." This way of engaging the Bible and issues of morality used to drive me completely batshit was like listening to Pharisees arguing about the thread count of prayer tassels, or if filing your nails constitutes working on the Sabbath. Just give me a gun with one bullet of it so I can put myself out of the misery of listening to conversations like this.

angela said...

Just dropped back in, and wanted to add an amen to that. Even parts of my own family have been influenced by the nauseating bull that becomes discussions when our only focus is how well we and everyone follows the "law." And it is always an interesting thing to throw out there that they are really about the game of comparing sins so that they can look down from that ladder they've made to God and see me on the bottom rung.

Diane said...

I think the discussion had moved on by the time I got there.