Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Wii-ing and Watering While Rome Burns

In the wake of unrelenting bad news -- bad news about oil prices and world hunger and local economic depression and the growing prospect of President McCain -- I do have one small glimmer of positivity to report:

I earned a silver medal playing "Link's Crossbow Training" on the Wii.

No joke. My partner, who won a sharpshooting medal in the service, and who regularly beats me in Wii darts, is quite impressed.

This game is sorta kinda like a scarier "Lord of the Rings," with ogres, flying monsters and other assorted enemies to shoot at, interspersed with some amusing target-practice exercises. I'm a little frightened that I enjoy it so much.

Actually, I've been doing other things as well. Planting: That's an optimistic activity. My nascent herb garden is looking good, with additions going in day by day, and in fact I've started an annex over on the relatively moist and partially shady west side of my garage, to accomodate herbs with that preference. I put in some potatoes and onions behind the garage; no high expectations, but we'll see. (I do loves me those Irish Cobbler 'taters, which you can't find in the supermarket.)

My most recent odd obsession, one that I haven't yet acted upon: Growing my own mushrooms. The other day I saw a morel mushroom kit online; supposedly all I need to supplement my own meager backyard harvest (made more meager, I'm sure, this year by my idiot snowplowing guy, who scraped about a foot of soil from the backup where they like to grow)is a four-by-four plot of dirt with amendments "you can probably find in your yard." (Although my skeptical self is focusing on that word "probably.") How cool would that be? Or a crop of criminis or shiitakes?


Crimson Rambler said...

keep us posted on the mushroom project! one summer I found "ordinary" white supermarket mushrooms growing in my (open) compost pile where I had discarded some bottom-of-the-fridge mushrooms that obviously cast spores...kind of a bonus!

LutheranChik said...

A former coworker of mine, when I lived up north, successfully grew shiitakes from a it can be done.

Mata H said...

OMG I saw the morel kit too!! Now I have to get it -- I have a cluster of tall pines in the back half-acre, and that may be a great place for them!
I yearn for baked oysters with morel cream sauce!