Friday, May 16, 2008

My Youngest Fan

She's not a blogger...she's not yet old enough to read, let alone write...but today I heard from my youngest fan, FT's great-niece, who's about two-and-a-half. This past Christmas, when her military parents were visiting from Germany, I made major fan points with this li'l chickie by reading her the delightful made-in-Michigan children's book Stranger in the Woods.

As some of you may know, Fellow Traveler and I, in offline life, actually share a first name. The Young 'Un refers to us respectively as "Aunt ________" and "Udda ________." (Sounds kind early Anglo-Saxon, I think.)

FT's nephew and niece-in-law are back in the States, in Michigan, visiting FT's sister downstate. When FT asked to speak to Young 'Un on the phone this morning, the child's first query to her was, "But wheha is Udda _________?!"

Udda _________ is on her way to find another animal picture book.

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Sheryl said...

I'd been puzzling over "Udda" since I first read this post yesterday. At first I thought she was going for "Uncle", which would be an affirmation of your relationship, although a weird one - and one that you probably wouldn't want to encourage. Then it dawned on me today that she meant "Other", which is just adorable.

Yes, I am really, really slow on the weekends.