Monday, September 10, 2007

Pasta Night

We had a great -- great -- meal last night.

It was one of those impromptu, "What do we have in the house that we can eat without too much prep time?" kinds of meals. Our scrounged ingredients:

whole wheat rotini
shredded leftover roast chicken
a sack of heirloom tomatoes from The Ugly Tomato "honor market" up north
red bell peppers and garlic from a local farm market
on-najor-sale goat feta from the food coop that we'd bought just for the heck of it a couple of weeks ago
olive oil
sea salt

Fellow Traveler roasted the garlic, bell pepper and tomatoes with olive oil in the oven...cooked and drained the rotini...tossed the roasted veggies and the chicken with the pasta...added cubed feta and seasonings. That was it.

It was very, very, very good, especially accompanied by some Two-Buck-Chuck sauvignon blanc from our last trip to Trader Joe's in Ann Arbor. The leftovers were just as good, if not even better, the next day, marinated with balsamic vinegar and eaten as a cold salad.

Living well is the best revenge...especially if you can do it on the cheap.


cheesehead said...


And for the record,I loves me some $2 Chuck!

zorra said...

Yes indeed!

I miss TJ's!!!!