Sunday, September 09, 2007

Full House

We had a fairly full house at church today...which just goes to show you, you can't get too worried about short-term attendance phenomena. About a dozen people also showed up for the new pre-service adult book study, currently working through Velvet Elvis. Maybe people just needed a couple of weeks to dial down from their full-tilt-boogie, weekend-warrior busy-ness.

We also had -- calloo, callay -- lots of happy little kids in church today. One tot whose parents are regulars just loves everything about the service; he's fascinated by all the action front and center and stands watching from the center aisle, all smiles and giggles through worship. Today during the Eucharist I distributed the wafers while our pastor played music; when this little guy came up with his 'rents I made the sign of the cross on his forehead and blessed him, and he just started laughing and running around in circles. Now, how to keep that general attitude alive through the kids' tweens and beyond...that's the challenge.

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lunalibre said...

Amen to the kids! At my church yesterday, there was one little one who hollered "Yea!" at the end of every song we sang :-). The tyke's enthusiasum was catching! We all laughed and even joined in by the end of the service. Sometimes the kids have to remind us how to take true joy in the Lord.