Friday, May 13, 2005

You Know You Spend Way Too Much Time Online When... start dreaming about your online friends.

I'm not making this up. Last night I had a dream that I was at some sort of pleasant social event with lots of other people. I don't remember seeing distinct faces, but I somehow recognized many of those present as people I've come to know and like from my various online endeavors.

I remember thinking, in my dream, "Wow...all these people I know are"

"Party dreams" are a regular part of my dream repertoire. Usually they include a mix of people from various stages of my life -- friends, family members, former coworkers -- with historical figures and celebrities dropping in from time to time. I talked to Bono once. And in one memorable dream I found myself in an apartment suspiciously like Jerry Seinfeld's in his sitcom, with Mary Magdalene and some other people I didn't recognize, and The CEO himself (clad in jeans and an Oxford shirt, yet!) cooking dinner for us while doing a sort of wry holy standup. It was, to be sure, a revelation unlikely to make Classics of Western Spirituality, but it gave me a little lift; I woke up laughing.

Once I described these nighttime festivities to a friend, and she said, "Well, maybe your dreams are a kind of glimpse into the life of the world to come. Maybe they're trying to tell you what the Communion of Saints is really like once we've lived fully into it -- like a big party, with all our beloved in Christ, that never ends."


But cool.


Anonymous said...

I once had a dream about Sharktacos, a few years ago :-) Too bad he's not around any more!

Side note...It makes me sad that a woman who writes so beautifully and profusely about being a Christian, apparently doesn't feel free to talk openly about being gay. And it would be helpful to people like me, with a gay person in the family (my son).

LutheranChik said...

Well -- as appreciative as I am of your support, I might gently suggest to you that the general protocol is letting gay folks work out our own individual rules of engagement...if nothing else, because we are the ones who take the heat once we start engaging.

Personally, I find "teachable moments," once I've established a relationship and/or some Christian street cred with someone, the way that feels best for me. I just had a couple of those moments on Beliefnet, and I think in both cases it made more of an impact than an in-your-face commando attack.;-)

Finally...since I am, as Matthew Fox once described himself back in his days as an RC priest, "all dressed up with nowhere to go";-)...not much content to share with you about my private life, since I don't have one, LOL. Although I suppose I could share with you that, while in the throes of a heart-rending unrequited crush, one day while ruminating about this hopeless situation I ran into a steel doorjamb and almost knocked myself out. Gave myself a big, hard-to-explain goose-egg on my brow. True story -- a very "Ground Control to Major Tom..." moment. (Note to my readership: If I like you enough I'll take a steel beam in the head for you.)

Anonymous said...

Sorry if you felt confronted--I thought it was clear that I was on the same side and only trying to encourage you.