Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Coffee Cantata

As long as I'm talking about marketing and mind-bending tonight, here's my shameless promotional pitch for one of my favorite companies, Green Mountain Coffee . Their Fair Trade and organic coffees are excellent -- my favorites include National Wildlife Federation, Heifer Hope, Ethiopian Yrgicheffe and Rainforest Nut. If you order online, you can also read about the origins of these coffees -- learn a little something about the people who grow them. I like that. And I like the thought that my java jones is helping some small-scale, environmentally friendly coffee growers get a good price for their crop.

My dog, by the way, being a good Lutheran, is also very concerned about coffee. Not that he drinks it, mind you -- but he has made it his job to ensure that the first person up in the morning turns on the coffeemaker. (As one dog trainer has noted, if you don't give your dog a job to do he'll invent one of his own, and you won't like it.) He herds me to the kitchen counter, then stands there looking up at the Mr. Coffee, grousing: Okay. Get on with it! If I don't get the hint, and wander away from the kitchen, he herds me back until I mumble, "Oh, all right. I'm going to make the coffee now"; at the word "coffee" his ear sproings upward and he engages in an anticipatory, tippy-tail wag. Lucky for him he's so damn cute, and I'm so addicted to caffeine.

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