Thursday, February 24, 2005

Meet My Spiritual Director

This is my dog, Cody, aka The Codeman. Here he's sitting next to his very favorite human being in the whole mother. (Not that I am bitter.) Actually, spiritual direction is just a part-time gig for him; his main jobs are to make sure we stick very closely to the daily household schedule (he herds me out the door to work each morning with the vigor and intensity of a border collie), and to sit next to Mom whenever possible.

Over the years Cody has taught me many valuable spiritual lessons. At the dinner table (especially on days when chicken is on the menu), he models the kind of holy beggary that Luther noted in his own mutt and commended as the proper attitude of the Christian -- a gazing heavenward with simple, patient faith that God loves us and will take care of us. Cody also reminds me, when I need to be reminded, that it's not all about me. (He's quite convinced it's all about him.) But, most of all, Cody has led me to a most profound truth about walking the path of faith:

Before enlightenment: Scoop poop.
After enlightenment: Scoop poop.

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