Saturday, April 02, 2011

My Future Flower Bed?

I'm too tired right now to write that catch-up post I talked about last night...but I want to commit to posting every single day, so in that spirit I present to you a handy video about starting a new garden bed. I'm seriously considering trying the "lasagna" method for the annual bed I want to start next to our front garage.,AAAAAEBQ1X8~,4LcKJKyjVWFA5YuyjNPXYzRLy0uw4H-T&bclid=773439037001&bctid=1521609018

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Kathryn said...

We were at the ELCA church today. One of the ladies had on a shirt that said "Lutheran Chick." I asked her if she was "the blogger" (even tho i know you're in the mid-west).

Nice to think of you today and then find your post. :)