Friday, October 02, 2009

Friday Five: In the Presence of the Lord

The RevGalBlogPals' Friday Five this week asks:

Where do you find God's peace and presence?  Is there:

1. A place that holds a special memory?
Morningstar, a retreat center for women in the woodlands of northern Michigan, has a certain spot on its property with some very old, enormous trees...I remember misty morning walks in this place that literally gave me gooseflesh. For me at least it's one of those "thin places" where the divine Presence is easier to discern.

2. A song that seems to usher you into the Holy of Holies?
The Agnus Dei, in any number of settings.

3.A book/ poem/ prayer that says what you cannot?
Definitely the Daily Office in Book of Common Prayer. When I don't have the words, it has the words for me.

4. How do you remind yourself of these things at times when God seems far away?

5.Post a picture/ poem or song that speaks of where you are right now in your relationship with God...


Sally said...

That spot on your walk sounds awesome...what a great memory

Jan said...

I like the thought of words being given you when you don't have any. I've found that with the Psalms.

Crimson Rambler said...

I was in a concert hall listening to a Beethoven "Agnus Dei" when I received word that my mother had died; it seemed like the most gracious possible place to be. I think sometimes that the words "qui tollis peccata mundi" are the most beautiful sequence of syllables ever.

Dr. Rural said...

Hi Lutheranchik

Just noticed you haven't posted in ages. I hope everything is OK, and that you are just taking a break from blogging.