Friday, July 03, 2009

Fashionista Friday Five

Image is everything in this week's RevGalBlogPal's Friday Five:

1. Are you a hoarder, or are you good at sorting and clearing?
Definitely the former. It was just this spring that I let go of my 20-year-old collection of paisley rayon work skirts. Because you just never know when one might come in handy...

2. What is the oddest garment you possess and why?
I have a Lost and Found souvenir T-shirt, purchased at our church, that features a chalice and the question "Sup?" When I wear it in public I get looks.

3. Do you have a favourite look/ colour?
For casual dress, I like L.L. Bean preppy. Well...if I don't have to be in public I like my flannel lounge pants and a T- or sweatshirt on top. If I am in public -- L.L. Beany. For more formal wear I like classic/tweedy. If I really have to put on glad rags...for some reason I'm fond of the drop-waisted styles of the 'Teens and Twenties, but since people who design clothes don't seem to share my enthusiasm I'll settle for something tailored looking.

4. Thrift/ Charity shops, love them or hate them?
I love to donate stuff to them. Shopping at them not so much. They never have my size, for one thing, and the whole foreign DNA/unknown history aspect makes me a little hesitant to purchase anything even in a well-kept store...which many around here are not.

5. Money is no object, what one item would you buy?
I would buy a classic, timelessly designed tweed jacket that really, really fit well.


angela said...

Is L.L. Bean preppy? I never thought of it that way. Loved buying clothes from them b/c they last forever. At least I still have some from 20 years ago. :)

mamaS said...

my hubby has the 'sup shirt. Wears it to all kinds of church gatherings!